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About company:

Why MondialFx

MondialFx is the result of our immense dedication to combining learning and trading together in the best way possible. As an online broker, we provide a different perspective to the trading experience through a next-gen, intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

Besides all the helpful trading tools, you will find all the financial information you need within your grasp at any given point. You have full management of your trade account, combined with access from any location in the world, a set of technical and analysis tools, daily news, and market updates; plus, you can track your orders at any time. Trade exclusive assets anytime, anyplace.

MondialFx’s pride – the Web Platform

The web-based Web platform is an industry leader in online trading and has become a staple in the investment world. With powerful and flexible tools and services, millions of traders now use Web to trade currencies, commodities, and stocks via CFDs. Our innovative trading platform is friendly enough to guide you through your first trades if you аre a total beginner. But it is also powerful and exciting enough to satisfy your most sophisticated needs if you are already an experienced trader.

And with our mobile app, your phone or tablet could become a financial superpower. You not only get instant access to breaking financial news all around the globe, but you can also benefit from our advanced interface, a variety of online trading tools: including daily market analysis, SMS services, and Economic calendar. Last but not least, you have one of the most useful research tools – the Autochartist, which will save you time, filtering big amounts of data and identifying chart patterns.

The dedicated Support team of MondialFx

The backbone of MondialFx services is the dedicated support staff, which is available round the clock to support our traders. From technical teams to customer service, MondialFx traders know that there is always someone available to address their questions, send market updates and answer any possible questions they might have.

We offer full transparency when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, so if you have any issues regarding your account, deposits, or withdrawals, our skillful and friendly support team is at your disposal.

Safety first! MondialFx is a fully licensed and regulated broker

MondialFx is an EU regulated brand operating under Capital Market Commission. This means that all traders enjoy the services that come with regulated brokers that ensure they adhere to all laws and financial requirements. Don’t settle for the uncertainty of non-regulated brokers.

Our licensing, maximum security and transparency when it comes to deposits and withdraws are what sets us apart from all the scam trading sites out there preying on their next victim.

MondialFx’s elaborate set of Market Tools

No trader should invest without preparing first. This means using financial analysis tools to better understand the current situation of the markets, along with asset performance.

Marketing tools come in a wide variety, including market updates, economic calendars, SMS alerts, and much more.

Traders who are unsure about how to use market tools can enjoy a free training session with MondialFx Customer Support to gain a better understanding of the market tools and how they work.

To enrich your knowledge and become even more comfortable with CFD trading, you can use our helping tools anytime you want because we believe that the profitable trade is the informed one.

From free eBooks, free training about how to use the platform to a personal relationship manager, we offer numerous methods for you to acquire the knowledge and get started with your trading adventure.

Choose from over 130 financial instruments with MondialFx

Traders who join MondialFx can enjoy a wide variety of assets. As an online CFD broker, we also offer an exclusive list of financial instruments. And the best part is you can take advantage of Forex trading, CFDs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices regardless of your trading experience.

Why register in MondialFx?

We want you to approach the world of trading from another perspective. MondialFx is bridging the gap between beginners and experienced traders as we all share a common goal and strive for success. So, if you are just making your first steps on your trading path, we will slowly guide you through the material to avoid overwhelming at the start. And if you are already a pro trader, then you can jump right in with instant access to the right know-how at the right time.

If you are already convinced that you want to grow with us, you can register and join the big MondialFx trading family and explore the endless trading possibilities.

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