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About company


Make money with us!

Heisen Soft is a recognized leader on the financial brokerage market as evidenced by the ever increasing number of new traders and steady growth in daily turnover.

A wide range of instruments on the trading platform

This is one of the main advantages for those who trade on financial markets. Our platform provides access to a variety of instruments that can be used for trading, including stocks, currency pairs, indices, cryptocurrencies, metals and commodities.

Safe and secure environment for investing

Our trading terminal has a high level of security and reliability due to the use of modern encryption technology and years of experience of our experts in cybersecurity. We are constantly updating and improving our system to ensure the security and protection of all our users’ confidential data and funds.


Our international brokerage licenses ensure that we adhere to high international standards, enabling us to provide our clients with world-class quality services.


Heisen Soft has an adequate level of financial stability and reliability, which guarantees the safety of users’ funds and the execution of trading transactions. You can get acquainted with the financial security of the company on the page “Security”.


Heisen Soft provides a high level of data security to prevent unauthorized access to users’ personal information, as well as to their trading accounts and trades.

3 thoughts on “HEISEN SOFT REVIEW”
  1. I’ve only been on it for a week so I can’t comment on anything. The agent is pleasant, explained everything clearly, and has already taught a lot. But several times you have to go through verification because without it you can’t withdraw money. Permanent commissions, although not large, were not mentioned anywhere. In short, the office is not bad, but I’m not sure yet that it will come out to earn a lot.

  2. The website is fake! Terminal screwed up! Reviews are customized! Threw the minimum deposit, they began to marinate me. Zadolbali stories that if I invest more, then immediately start earning. At this point, I realized that HEISEN SOFT is a swindler. It’s good that at least I didn’t throw a lot.

  3. I immediately sensed that something was wrong. From the very beginning, the broker played me up and insistently convinced that by throwing money I would almost become a millionaire in just a week. It’s good that I threw a minimum deposit, which for me personally will not play a big role. But it’s still extremely embarrassing. They didn’t even let me trade normally, the terminal was constantly buggy.

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